God's Inheritance


God's Inheritance

About God’s Inheritance
Jeroen Doorn, chairman, was born in 1974 (NL). He was raised in the Christian faith, and he himself chose for God in 1992. He has been a full time minister, focusing on dreams and prophetic prayer, since 2012. As minister he serves the body of Christ around the world. Together with his wife Alma, he established God’s Inheritance Foundation in 2014.
Alma Doorn, treasurer, was born in 1973 (NL). She was raised in the faith as well, and chose for God in 1990. Alma supports her husband Jeroen spiritually and practically in the ministry of God’s Inheritance. On top of that she has her own ministry (Zebadja), focusing on finance within the body of Christ. Alma and Jeroen have two children.
Klaas Timmerman, secretary, was born in 1971 (NL). He was raised in the faith as well, and chose for God in 1986. He has a ministry as drummer and percussionist since 1990. He is currently stepping out in prophetic prayer. He is focusing on hope, righteousness and restoration. Klaas is married to Sophie. Together they have two children.
Bob Overton, member of the board, was born in 1959 (US). He was raised in the faith as well, and chose for God in 1983. He has been a full time minister as teacher and prophet since 2005. His ministry focuses on the healing and development of the body of Christ (Stirring the waters of healing ministries, Louisiana). Bob has three children.


We’re currently focusing on teaching within the international Christian community. Our teachings mainly concern hearing and understanding God’s voice through dreams and impressions, so that it becomes more clear to people what kind of restoration and direction God has planned for their life and ministry. Whenever possible, we combine our teaching with personal ministry. Aside from this, we also tutor and guide a select group of people in Europe and the United States, in embracing and living their prophetic calling.

Corporate data

RSIN: 854611277
KvK: 62039806
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Core values

We believe that God’s Word is the truth. We believe that Jesus is the way. And and we believe that the Holy Spirit leads us back to God through Jesus. We live in the conviction that God speaks to us every day and wants to restore us to who we are created to be. Free of the worldly inheritance and full of His inheritance. Powerful and radiant. Individually and as community.

Higher goal

Our higher goal is to help others to receive God’s inheritance. So they can grow towards restoration, grow in unity in Christ and grow to be the light in the world. As to make God’s greatness visible and have Him receive all the honour and glory.

Courageous goal

Our courageous goal is to show God’s involvement, love and strength to all those who (want to) believe. In this, we reach out to signs and wonders that confirm God’s Word. It is our desire to see lives change by God.

Core qualities

Our core quality is to listen to God together with other people, to listen for his personal words, wisdom and advice for them. We also help them to answer to this in prayer and thus receive new blessings from God. Our teaching supports this.