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About the book

After years of strife and even out of home placement, God healed both children of Jeroen and Alma Doorn from autism. This event was so remarkable, and they were so excited about it, they felt they had to tell the world. In this book, they testify about how God led them through the process of healing. They also offer important keys to help other families with autism, so that they can find freedom and healing as well. This book is a must-read for all who reach out for family restoration.


About the authors

Jeroen and Alma Doorn are actively involved in the church, House of Heroes. They reside with their two sons, Casper and Sybrand, in Harderwijk (The Netherlands). Next to their activities in church and their own foundation, they are closely connected to multiple other Christian ministries, in Europe and the United States. Besides that, Jeroen is a requested speaker. For more information visit:

I encourage you to read this book. It is a courageous story, and I am certain that you will find your own comparisons. But more importantly, you will see the often mysterious ways in which God moves in our lives.

– Paul Manwaring
Bethel Church California

Jeroen and Alma, together with God, have battled the giant called autism and triumphed! We can only cheer with them to this massive and unheard victory that will empower many to fight for a break through.

– Robin & Bianca van Ommen
YWAM Amsterdam

It’s a life story which contains many golden nuggets. God brought healing to this family, where people said: this is utterly impossible. This is a true story which spreads a lot of hope and love.

– M. van der Steen
House of Heroes Nijkerk

This remarkable testimony you are about to read is a magnificent example of faith, perseverance, courage, and persistent prayer which released the blueprint from God for healing autism.

– Graeme & Sabrina Walsh
fmr. Healing Rooms IHOPKC