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About the book

A paradox is something seemingly contradictive. So are dreams. Very often they seem to go straight against the very nature of God, because of the controversy or inconsistency, or just the simple reflection of everyday life. However, when investigated, it turns out that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. This book, based on lessons learned by looking at 50.000+ dreams worldwide, gives the reader fundamental biblical keys for understanding dreams in a way like never before.

About the authors

Bob and Jeroen are actively involved in church life, and closely connected to multiple other Christian ministries, in Europe and the United States. Bob resides in New Orleans (United States), and Jeroen resides in Harderwijk (The Netherlands). Since 2014 they are partnering in the ministry of prophecy and healing to the body of Christ around the world. Both are requested speakers. For more information visit the website of God’s Inheritance Ministries.

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